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Rotary E-Club of District 7210
Charted November 23, 2010 - Club Number 83551
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What is the number one thing that Rotarians who are interested in joining the eClub should know?
In the case of Rotary eClub7210, each member commit to a minimum of 12 hours personal service per calandar quarter.  Interestingly, several of our members exceed the minimum by many hours each  quarter, a tangible demonstration of commitment to our ideal of service.
How does someone join Rotary eClub7210?
Membership in Rotary eClub7210 is not an "easy" option. Requirements for admission to any Rotary Club are stringent. For current Rotarians, Rotary eClub7210 adds additional requirements including, written references from club president, and three (3) current Rotarians who will vouch for the applicant. Our rigorous screening of applicants is a necessary first step to ensure excellence.
What is the membership cost to join eClub
Rotary E-club of Dist 7210 membership cost for the year 2014-2015 is $226.